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"K.I.S.S. It"

posted Sep 17, 2014, 10:08 AM by Michael Berago   [ updated Sep 17, 2014, 12:37 PM ]

“ K.I.S.S. it “, defines the most sound football game plan, “Keep It Simple Stupid.”  Keeping  constant movement on the playing field is paramount to the game’s success..  Looking at the importance of the defensive role in the game, we find defensive backs, linebackers and defensive lineman whose responsibility is to play synchronously against an offense on every play.  The challenge remains for those 11 players, ranging in age from 15 to 18  to keep the game plan firm in their minds.  “Kissing It”  allows me and every other defensive or offensive coordinator to implement the game plan with success.

O.K. how does football come to play in this game plan?   What does K.I.S.S have to do with EdTech?

With the abundance of technology available for educators to use, it is most important to keep the plan simplified.  It is all too easy to get “caught up in the moment” with all the emerging tech tools.  Regardless of the learning ecosystem your district decides to implement, it is imperative that a baseline of skills is established before any type of technology advancement is taken.

In our district, we have decided to implement Google Apps for Education and Chromebooks as our learning ecosystem.  Google has a plethora of tools that can enhance teaching practices and student learning, however, we must not follow the suggestion of many technology integration specialists to focus on the tools.  “Selection” of the appropriate tools is imperative to allow for the discussion of best practices for the classroom.  What is meant by best practies?  It definitely is more than how “Flubaroo” can automatically grade quizzes and provide feedback to students, more than the ability to share documents and collaborate in real time but the meticulous process of understanding how this technology affects every aspect of a teacher’s routine.  Classroom management, data collection, post-data collection and reflection are among some of the practices to be considered in this evaluation of technology and its introduction.

From my professional opinion, a game plan like football and “KISSing It” will help teachers achieve sound pedagogical approaches to integrating technology  in their teaching practices.   Using professional development programming, the transition for teachers into these new technologies will be simplified.

 At our district our goal is simply mastering content management in Google Drive and the organization and communication practices with Google Calendar and GMail.  For the tech ninjas that find Drive, Calendar, and GMail easy to comprehend, differentiated levels of professional development must be established to accommodate individual needs.  

As previously mentioned, it is imperative for teachers to develop a baseline of skills. Their level of experience in using technology, the amount of professional development opportunities and the support that educators have are just a few examples that play a factor in the establishment of the determined baseline skills.  Using these skills will allow for a much faster and smoother advancement in the future especially when the tech specialist feels the teachers are ready for the “new cool tech tools”.

Edited by Melanie Haug